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EPHA Hose Protectors are durable wear shields made  of an abrasion  and hydrocarbon resistant material which is impervi­ous to solvents, oils, grease and gasoline. In addi­tion, the hose protector has an extremely high wear factor  as well as wide range of operating  temperatures (- 40°C to 200°C) which allows it to protect your equipment in even the harshest of conditions.

They can prevent up to 90 % of hydraulic, air line or electric cable failures due to wear at points of contact. The use of EPHA Hose protectors could bring enormous benefits and savings against only a small investment.

EEPHA® protectors provide provide proven effective protection against:

  • Hose and wiring abrasion caused by points of contact
  • Fire caused by failed oil & electrical systems
  • Environment contamination due to spills
  • Expensive hoses and wiring repair bills
  • Lost profits and costly downtime

EPHA® protectors are used for protection of hydraulic, pneumatic and cable lines in numerous applications in industries like:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Mining and construction
  • Power plants and wind farms
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Marine
  • Aviation

…. and many others

EPHA® Hose protectors are easily installed within minutes without the need for disassembly of lines or breaking the hydraulic systems apart.

This versatility allows for a fast, simple and effective solution for abrasion problems.