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As users of earth moving machinery strive to reduce maintenance costs and extend life expectancy of these expensive machines, a maintenance breakthrough product has hit the market.  The “SEAL SAVER”* protective cylinder cover has proven to extend cylinder seal life three fold and beyond.  This simple to install product (no disassembly of cylinder required) is now being utilized around the world in the toughest environments (Quarries, Mining, Steel Mills, Demolition etc.).

The patented* “SEAL SAVER”* opens and closes like an accordion as the cylinder works.  It keeps dirt, sand and grit off the rod, which cause scoring and damages the seals.  The hidden feature of the product is that it keeps the silt-sized particles from entering the hydraulic system via the rod seals and contaminating the system.  These silt sized particles, once in the system, act like a lapping compound.  This build up begins the wear process on valves and pumps.  As most people know, 70% of hydraulic system failures are caused by contamination (dirty oil).  Stop the ingress of contaminates and your oil filter can do it’s job (keeping the oil clean).

Depending on the application, several types of materials are available to manufacture this unique product for almost every possible conditions of service.

SEAL SAVER* is available as a standard accessory for the major OEM’s like CASE, CATERPILLAR, KOBELCO, KAWASAKI, KOMATSU, HITACHI, LIEBHERR, VOLVO, и др.

It also can be custom-tailored according to the customers’ specific requirements.

SEAL SAVER* will :

  • extend life of hydraulic cylinders
  • stop contamination of the hydraulic fluid
  • prevent wear of seals
  • prevent cylinder rod scoring
  • cut down repair costs
  • reduce downtime expenses
  • save you HEADACHES…

When determining if you should use this type of protection, you should consider the price of rebuilding or replacing a cylinder as well as the labor and downtime costs involved. When you add it all up, this product is simply “Intelligent Preventative Maintenance”.

SEAL SAVER* video (2256KB)