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  • apply constructive and positive thinking,
  • provide products and service of highest flexibility,
  • search for and develop innovative solutions for industry,
  • offer real economic values by solving real and present problems,
  • submit all our efforts and experience to YOU – our clients.


The company pools knowledge and skills of specialists with over a decade of experience in serving industrial maintenance market. We provide innovative technical products and technologies aimed at protecting your investment in expensive equipment.

Being an element of most of the heavy construction and industrial equipment, hydraulic systems require special care and frequent emergency repair. BELFRIE Ltd offers an efficient form of preventative maintenance which is capable of extending equipment life while drastically minimizing downtime.



BELFRIE Ltd also provides modern solutions for biogas storage in custom tailored textile gasholders. Case-specific textile constructions include also top-mounted covers of steel and concrete tanks, methane tanks, fermenters, gas bags, manure basin membranes, chemically resistant linings for vessels, etc.